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Run a successful RCN election campaign

General advice for candidates on how to run an effective election campaign is included below. More detailed information including the full campaign rules will be provided once you have stood for election.

The best time to start your campaign

You can start to campaign as soon as you have decided to stand. It is best to focus your efforts immediately before and during the voting period. 

Most members usually cast their vote within a couple of weeks of receiving their ballot paper or voting email, but there will always be members who leave voting until the last minute, so make sure you campaign and canvas members for the entire voting period.

The most effective ways to campaign

Online channels – online media and social networking offers instant and often free ways of spreading the word and extending reach. Unlike traditional forms of communication, candidates can open up a world of instant and direct communication with people. Use social media channels as well as email campaigns, or even set up a dedicated blog.

Offline channels – traditional forms of communication such as posters, flyers, and letters are also excellent ways of getting across a message. Networking in person is also a good way to get across your message.

How the RCN will support you with your campaign

We will place a copy of your election statement and career information along with a photograph (if you provide it) on the RCN website. Potential voters will be able to view this to help them make their decision.

If you wish we can include a contact email address, phone number, and links to your social media profiles on the website for members to use to contact you.

We will also send emails and other communications to members during the voting period to promote the vote. These will direct members to all candidates' election statements and career information on our website.  

What you cannot do during your campaign

Candidates cannot use any RCN resources as part of your campaign (unless they have been supplied for that purpose). RCN resources include:

  • The RCN membership and staff database
  • RCN external and internal circulation lists
  • The RCN website
  • RCN publications - electronic or printed
  • RCN branding, crest or logo
  • RCN events
  • Funding from branches, national forums or other official RCN groups
  • RCN staff - you must not ask RCN staff to help with your campaign. For example, you should not ask them to forward on emails or help write your statement.

NB this list is not exhaustive so if you are unsure please seek advice by emailing

We cannot supply you with contact details for other RCN members; nor can you use contact lists that you have acquired as part of any role you have held in the RCN.
If you have been invited to speak publicly, or to feature in or publish articles in any RCN media, by the RCN or any part of the RCN Group (including the RCN Foundation or RCNi), you should not do this once your nomination is confirmed and until the close of voting.