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Collectively winning change 

What is organising? 

Organising is when members come together and through the strength in their numbers, win meaningful improvements and positive change to their lives and workplaces. Groups identify issues, and then collectively work together to bring about solutions on their own terms.  

Organising is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to take action on the issues that threaten your ability to practice safely and effectively, from being paid fairly to creating clinical practice changes to having enough staff on shift to deliver safe care. 

Organising at the RCN  

You and your colleagues are experts in your workplaces and are best placed to speak for your patients and the profession. And when decision makers aren’t listening, organising is way for members to collectively demand change, take action and ensure the right steps are taken by employers. 

Across the UK no matter your job, employer, care setting, or issue, you can be part of the organising movement, leading on the issues that matter to you. No matter how big or small. The RCN is with you every step of the way. Together, let’s use our voices to demand the changes we deserve. 

Start organising in your workplace 

Organising is underway across the RCN, with members coming together to win on the issues that matter to them. Have you got an issue you want to organise around? If so, fill out this form to give us an idea about your organising workplace issue.  

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Get Out the Vote workshops

Attending one of our online sessions will give you the skills and tools to engage your colleagues and increase turn out for the England Strike Ballot.

You can also use our Get Out the Vote toolkit to help you engage as many members as possible.

Nurse speaking into a megaphone at a picket

Organising so far

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Find out how RCN London members have secured fairer shift patterns and investment for additional staff posts. 

Tackling car parking charges

Find out how Helen is working with colleagues and the RCN to tackle car parking charges where she works.

Challenging workplace issues

Find out how organising has helped give Carol Webley-Brown the skills to challenge workplace issues and make positive change happen.