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Knowledge and innovation action plan

Knowledge and innovation action plan

How the RCN will use, build, assure and share knowledge from 2014-18

The RCN's knowledge and innovation action plan was a five year plan, to support nurses, midwives, HCAs and APs in using knowledge to transform patient care. A new RCN research strategy will be developed from the action plan in 2023.


Goal 1: Use knowledge in practice and policy

  • Promote the use of knowledge to influence policy and to inform decisions and nursing actions. 
  • Provide tools and help people develop the skills and confidence to ask questions, make evidence-informed decisions, innovate and adapt in response to changing needs. 

Goal 2: Build a dynamic knowledge base of sufficient coverage and depth

  • Contribute to and maintain a knowledge base for nursing, ensuring that our input to national and international multi-professional health research agendas is explicit. This contribution includes identifying and helping to fill gaps in standards, guidance and knowledge resources of relevance to nursing, and continuing to build the authoritative collection on nursing in the UK.

Goal 3: Assure a knowledge base of breadth and rigour

  • Our outputs are evidence-informed, impartial and clear about the source, quality and strength of evidence presented. Our cataloguing of the RCN collection assures its intellectual integrity. 

Goal 4: Share the knowledge we have and enhance ways to access and contribute to it

  • Connect members to the knowledge they need so they can use it to improve quality of care. Format and content is relevant for people with different levels of expertise, roles, settings and influence. The content and expertise of the RCN library and archive, and the staff supporting its use, inspire the nursing community and the public to gain an insight into the past, present and future of nursing.


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Knowledge and innovation action plan

The action plan sets out how the RCN will use, build, assure and share knowledge from 2014-18. 

The journey begins

This report celebrates some of the activity that has taken place across the RCN since the launch of the knowledge and innovation action plan.

Memory record

This PDF is an archive of the 36 webpages which were created between March - June 2015 outlining RCN and external activity in support of the 36 individual actions of the RCN Knowledge and Innovation Action Plan 2014 - 2018. This memory record was created in September 2016.